Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Anglend of Skya

Anglend Ap Skya (Monk 3 / Fighter 2)

Training: Griffon Claw Style, Dreco-Dwarven Wrestling, Standard Martial Weapons including several Urgrosh weapons forms.
Experience: Two years as a free-mercenary. Has worked with the Silver Corsairs on several occasions but mainly tries for bounty work and high-stakes solo operations.

Anglend's Bald, tattooed head reaches just under four foot, six inches tall. His heavily muscled, two hundred pound, hair covered body is surprisingly agile, thanks mainly to a rigorous training regime in several unarmed fighting styles. His eyes are ice blue and his hair is dark red, mainly seen in his unruly thatch of a goatee that stretches past his collar bone. Besides the dwarven rune tattooed on his shaved head Anglend has two Deep Dragon tattoos entwining his upper arms, the heads of which seem to be biting into the old, faded slave numbers on the backs of his hands.

Anglend is a dwarven fighter with specialized skills in hand to hand combat. He's a former slave turned mercenary who roams Dargoss seeking his fortune. Not by nature an overly trusting soul, Anglend joined up with Virlana and Alexi on the coast six months ago while battling a group of slavers alongside the Corsairs.

The three adventurers formed a bond during their time together and although Anglend would deny it if asked, he has come to trust his new companions and rely on their skills. They have all come to realize that they compliment each other well. The profits they earn as a group are more than any of them earned alone and this fact alone is enough to overcome his natural distrust of elves and men.

Anglend is corse, somewhat unclean and many times rude - all pretty much standard traits for a dwarf. Also in very dwarfish fashion he values honor and bravery highly. This is not to say that he is a 'good' person necessarily so much as to say that he deals fairly with others and is a dwarf of his word. Having been a slave, he understands the need for stealth in combat and doesn't look down on gutting an enemy from behind if given the opportunity.

Although he has never said it straight out, Anglend longs to see a united dwarven kingdom again. Part of his adventuring lifestyle revolves around the gathering of wealth and experience, in hopes of one day becoming a leader in such a kingdom. Though he doesn't speak wistfully around the campfire of such a day, his companions have probably heard enough offhand remarks and vague sentiments to realize something of his long term goals.

His history as a slave is a more closely guarded secret. The common misconception is that he won or bought his freedom but the truth is that he killed his master two years ago and escaped with a great deal of the man's wealth. The details of the event remain a mystery but he feels fairly certain that there is a price on his head in the southern portion of Dargoss.


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